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Polyester slice

Classify:Polyester slice

Kind:Fiber grade low viscosity polyester chips, industrial grade high viscosity polyester chips, film gra

Trait:The product has high quality stability, stable parameters such as intrinsic viscosity and color value, and can be applied to film drawing, spinning, and also for preparing polyester sheets.

Detail Application

Fiber grade low-viscosity polyester chips: semi-dull, large light, intrinsic viscosity 0.68dl/g

Industrial silk grade high viscosity polyester chips: intrinsic viscosity 1.1dl/g

Membrane grade polyester chips: physical properties such as intrinsic viscosity and low-end carboxyl groups can be customized according to customer requirements.

Differential polyester chips: Flame retardant polyester chips, flawless polyester chips

Mainly used in fiber, all kinds of containers, packaging materials, film, film, engineering plastics and other fields.

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