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Polyester industrial filament

Classify:Industrial filament

Kind:High-strength, Low-shrink, Low-denier, High-mode low-shrink, Functional

Trait:Compared with steel wire, it is light and high-strength, excellent in corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance; it has high initial modulus and excellent creep resistance compared with nylon; Compared with polypropylene, it has high strength, good heat resistance and excellent aging resistance. I

Detail Application

High-strength type: breaking strength 8.0-8.6cN/dtex, fineness greater than 600D, up to 200,000 D after paralleling

Low shrinkage: 190 ° C, 0.01 g / d tension, dry heat shrinkage rate of up to 2.25%

Low denier: fineness 50D-600D

High modulus and low shrinkage: breaking strength up to 7.6cN/dtex, dimensional stability index ≤10

Functional type: flame retardant, antibacterial, seawater resistant, wicking, conductive, activated, colored

The physical properties such as the fineness, breaking strength, elongation and shrinkage of the above product types are acceptable to customers.

Hoisting belts, conveyor belts, fire hoses, fastening nets, fishing nets, ro

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