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A Municipal Science and Technology Program Project of the company passed the acceptance testrelease time:2020-10-30

"DEVELOPMENT OF POLYESTER industrial yarn for road protection and its reinforced PVC matrix composites" , a Shaoxing Technology project undertaken by Zhejiang Guxiandao Green Fiber Co. , Ltd. , was held on 28 October 2020 in the company Panorama Conference Room, yan Jianlin, researcher of Shaoxing Science and Technology Bureau, Qian Dean of the Information Institute, and the head of the Business Office organized an expert group to check and accept the project. General Manager Jin led the technical and financial personnel of the project group to attend the meeting. This project has studied in detail the spinning process structure-activity relationship, fatigue creep property, service life, ribbon forming process, new guardrail protection mechanism and aging characteristics of high strength and low elongation polyester industrial yarn, the project meets the requirements of American Technical Standard and is in the international advanced level after Shanghai information search and level search. The project has been successfully developed. This project has already formed the layout in the aspect of intellectual property, accepts the Invention Patent 2, authorizes the Utility Model Patent, the appearance Patent 21, and applies for the trademark 26. The receiving and inspection team heard the summary report, looked at the product sample, reviewed the relevant confirmatory material, after inquiry and discussion, considered that the project has completed all the targets stipulated in the contract, agreed to accept the acceptance. In addition, the leaders of the Science and Technology Bureau consider that product design is new, the appearance of models, and the market potential is large, which can effectively protect the safety of life and property. They extol the green fiber's commitment to social responsibility and encourage enterprises to continue research and development and innovation, take the sustainable road of high-quality development. General Jin said that since the establishment of the plant, green fiber has attached great importance to the research and development of new products. At the same time, as the world's largest industrial fiber production base and supplier, it has been committed to solving difficult and common problems in the industry, the success of the new product development and promotion will greatly enhance the industrial fiber market capacity, is a good thing for the country and the people, we will continue to do.

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